Fanzone Gallery

The Girls

This is our chance to tell you a bit about ourselves individually. So now for the gossip on us….

Hi I’m Catherine. I’m from Yorkshire, I’m 18 and known to everyone as ‘Red’ because of my hair colour.

Apparently I’m the sensible one of the group but I’m not always sure about that! I am probably the most reliable for remembering things though so that might be where that’s come from. Singing’s my passion and all I really want to do, so being part of The Bon Bonz is an amazing experience. I’ve been singing for a few years now and would say that I feel most comfortable and confident when I’m on stage performing. I finished college last year and being able to work in music full time is amazing.




Hi I’m Amy. I’m 20 and the probably the girliest of the Bons.

Fashion and everything to do with styling is really important to me. I always wear really high heels and love to get dressed up. I’m from Yorkshire although I’ve lived in other places including London. I’ve studied dancing and singing from a young age and have a diploma in vocal performance. Singing and dancing is absolutely what I love to do and being part of The Bon Bonz is really exciting. I also play the piano which I really enjoy. Off stage I can be quite lazy when it comes to tidying up after myself but I’m really laid back in general so I think the other girls forgive me for being messy!

Hi I’m Kay. I’m 23 and well known as the cheekiest Bon.

I have a very silly sense of humour and I’m always making the other girls laugh. I am from Manchester and although I started performing quite late in my teens I always loved singing into a hair brush when I was younger. I’m really sporty and still play netball whenever I can. I would say I have a very fun and energetic take on life although I can be a bit bossy at times though as the other girls will tell you!