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The Bon Bonz Girlband

Hi we’re The Bon Bonz. We’re an edgy pop girl band hoping to be the next big

girlband in the UK and maybe even the world!

in the UK and maybe even the world!

We are Amy, Catherine and Kay and together we are ‘The Bon Bonz’ a three piece girlband hoping to make it big this year.

We are all from different parts of the north of England. Since becoming ‘The Bon Bonz’ it’s been very exciting for us. We launched our first album and are now currently working on the second. Having the opportunity to perform all over the country at various events this year was a real highlight. Some of our favourites were Mychoone festival in Derbyshire alongside Toploader, Reef and The Cheeky Girls, the Super League Rugby games and various Gay Prides. Another exciting opportunity was the chance to make our first  MTV music video. We all have a real love of live performing and particularly enjoy getting the opportunity to meet our fans. Hopefully we will see you at an up and coming gig. We hope you enjoy the site.

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